About us

Our purpose is to grow the sport of football using a development process that makes the sport SAFE and fun for kids of all ages to understand and grow into. Mustangs football follows a step by step approach to achieve this process.

Step #1

All volunteer coaches are first certified in concussion awareness, mental health challenges, bullying prevention, protection against abuse, first aid & CPR thru the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

Step #2

All volunteer coaches are then certified by the Mid-Mo Youth Football League in Rules and Regulations and Standards of Play by the National High School Football Association.

Step #3:

All volunteer coaches are then trained by the Mustangs Football Board of Directors how to teach the rugby style of tackling. Rugby style is the safest technique for tackling that eliminates the involvement of the players head in the process.

Step #4

Players are taught the fundamentals of Offense and Defense that are relevant to today’s game of football. Players are also given the opportunity to learn multiple positions of the game of football.